The Purpose And Advantages Of Stiiizy Pods

Stiiizy is a vape pen brand that was birthed in 2017 and had been rising in popularity since then. Their product is designed in a different manner from other 510thraded vape pen cartridges. Stiiizy pod is an innovative prefill vape that provides quality and all-round vaping experience for vapers. They come in different flavors like the Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, and 1:1 CBD flavor

The purpose of Stiiizy Pods
The brand entered the market with an innovative strategy to provide vapers with an all-round vaping experience.

Advantages Of Stiiizy Pods Over Other Pods In The Market

1. The Stiiizy pods have a price advantage
 Unlike most of their competition like Pax era pods, Stiiizy pods are half of the cost most of the time, depending on your location. The average half gram Pax Era pod sales for a price between $40 and $64. On the other hand, half-gram Stiiizy pod sales for an average of $20 to $40. Recently, Stiiizy released their full gram pods that you can buy between $55 and $65.
When considering the vape cart’s value, Stiiizy offers a lot more value at a lower price. If you are looking for a pod that is pocket friendly and offers excellent value, then you should go for the Stiiizy pods.

2. Stiiizy pod vaping performance is great
The Stiiizy pod is designed with a dual airflow mouthpiece, and it is a significant improvement from the 510 thread cartridges that have a single airflow. However, the presence of a double airflow mouthpiece implies bigger puffs, which may cause the pods not to last as long as a 510 THC oil cartridge. The Stiiizy pods vape its distillate THC oil through the use of a ceramic heating core. Such ceramic heating core allows for vaping huge potent clouds that are smooth.
Its flavors help to aid in its great experience for users. For example, the Sativa flavor has four different strains which include Strawberry Cough, Blue dream, Premium Jack, Sour Tangie.

3. Stiiizy pods are stronger than most of the prefilled cartridges
The Stiiizy pods have more consistency testing with high amounts of THC. They test on average of 85% THC. A half gram of Stiiizy pods can last you for 2 to 3 days of continuous usage. You can empty one gram of Stiiizy pod within four days of heavy use. The pods appear to contain less oil compared to the common 510 prefilled cartridges.

4. Stiiizy is yet to fail any lab testing for their THC oil
Since making their way into the market, Stiiizy pods have been known to have clean solventless THC oil. Some time ago, an independent party on Instagram with the username @datdude41510 purchased a Stiiizy pod and had it tested. The test revealed that the product was clean. You can rest assured that your health is not at risk when you consume Stiiizy pods. However, you can always look for a lab test online for any prefilled vape cartridge that you intend to use. You can always find the lab tests conducted on the Stiiizy pods on their official website.

5. The design of Stiiizy pods is a huge improvement
When compared to some of the 510 threaded vape cartridges, Stiiizy is designed in a more superior manner. The pod of the Stiiizy snaps on and off magnetically. A great advantage it has over others is that you can refill the pods. The body is made of plastic, although it also comes with a ceramic heating device on the inside. Stiiizy pod has a micro USB connection that is found at the bottom of the Stiiizy vape.

Note that it is not advisable to use this vape pen while it is charging. Most of the smaller 510 batteries require a screw-on charger. Also, the higher-end batteries make use of USB.

6. Great battery capacity
The Stiiizy Biiig is the second version of the Stiiizy that features a larger battery capacity. It performs far better than the original version of the Stiiizy pen. Although the Stiiizy pod is larger than the original version, it fits into your palm nicely. It comes with an improved magnetic connection and airflow. This design has an upgraded 550mAh battery that generates 3.4v. You can charge it using a micro-USB port. The battery is sold independently of the cartridge.
The original version of the Stiiizy pen is built with a 210mAh battery, which is more than the G pen Gio at 180mAh. It can serve you for up to 40 draws but depends on the length of the draw and the time in between. Depending on how you make use of it, it can last you for some days or a couple of hours.

7. It is easy to use
To use Stiiizy pop, it is about as easy as drinking a glass of water. It takes no particular skill to enjoy vaping with your Stiiizy vape pod. Refilling the Stiiizy pop is much easier compared to some of the competitions. The Stiiizy vape pod disassembles much more comfortably without any fuss.

8. It comes with discreetness
Stiiizy has an ultraportable oil vaporizer that is very discreet, just like the Turonian Tautron. It will be completely hidden by your hand, heavy hits within seconds, and also invisible in your pocket. In those moments where discretion is important, you will need the Stiiizy vape pod.

9. Great manufacturing quality
The Stiiizy is very slick in its overall appearance. When you are using it, it has an excellent feeling, and it works as intended, and you will hardly find any complaint regarding its overall design. With the Stiiizy pod comes a barebones kit that is made up of the unit itself, a manual, and a charger.

Disadvantages of Spiiizy Pods
• The cartridges may spew hot liquid into your mouth as they get old
• Depending on the length of use, the carts may start ejecting liquid down the sides of the pen
• Some of the designs are cumbersome to use

If you are looking for reasons to enjoy vaping with Stiiizy vape pod, then we have provided you with more than enough reasons to do so. Stiiizy pod is of great quality and will always provide you with great vaping experience at all times. Your satisfaction is the priority, and the Stiiizy pod is designed to keep you satisfied.
Stiiizy gives you harder hits, better taste, consistency across the entire product line, and better pricing. Although the size of Stiiizy batteries is almost the same, the technology behind the Stiiizy atomizer gives you a harder and cleaner taste.
All the Spiiizy flavors has different strains that gives you great experience.

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